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Services from Health Kick Fitness

Health Kick Fitness delivers training that helps you achieve your goals no matter what level of fitness you are. Below are a number of options that will help you choose what you are looking for as you kick start your way towards a healthier and more active lifestyle!

Available throughout the Shire from Como to Cronulla!

Personal Training

Personal Training / 1 on 1

1-to-1 personal training is all about you. Programs are designed to help you reach your own fitness and health goals.

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Buddy Sessions:

Buddy Sessions

Enjoy training with a friend? Sometimes working out with your buddy is all the motivation that you need.

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Fitness for Older Adults:

Outdoor Group Sessions

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Outdoor Group Sessions:

Outdoor Group Sessions

Outdoor group sessions are affordable, fun, have lots of variety, and are where you will meet new friends.

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We all know how important that big day is, and how fabulous you want to look.

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...meeting your health and fitness goals!

What people say about us!

"Loving the challenge, great people and fantastic workouts, wonderful way to start the day! Thanks Amanda!!"


"6am workout with Amanda. Great way to start the day"

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