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Outdoor Boot Camp

It is the fitness sensation that is sweeping the nation, a group exercise phenomenon that focuses on military style workouts to leave your body burning, and you feeling good about yourself; boot camp group training sessions are the latest fitness sensation and Health Kick Fitness runs regular boot camps around the Sutherland Shire.

From Como to Cronulla Health Kick Fitness is enlisting fitness fanatics and couch potatoes alike for their intense and rewarding boot camp classes. Want to enlist?

What is Boot Camp?

Boot camp is an effective workout that uses full body functioning exercises including; push ups, squats, sprints, sit ups, jump rope, kettle bells, and more! To give you a workout that will leave you feeling that you have pushed your limits! Many of your group boot camp workouts will differ and you can expect a different routine every time with punching and kicking one week, and squats and planks the next!

Don't shy away from this style of training, we cater for all fitness levels from beginner through to those that have trained for years. Boot camp is a great way to make friends and get healthy promoting an active mind, body, and social life.

Boot Camp- Calorie Burning Fun!

If you are particularly motivated to lose weight and want a high intensity workout that will burn calories and reduce your waistline, then enlisting in one of Health Kick Fitness' boot camp classes is a great way to lose weight and meet new friends!

If you get easily bored running on a treadmill or swimming laps of the same pool with no weight loss results to show for all of your hard work then a boot camp workout sounds like the answer to your weight loss problem. By offering different exercises one after another our boot camps keep exercise fun, so not only will you be giving yourself a whole body workout, you'll also be engaged and mentally stimulated while you're doing it.

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...meeting your health and fitness goals!

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"Loving the challenge, great people and fantastic workouts, wonderful way to start the day! Thanks Amanda!!"


"6am workout with Amanda. Great way to start the day"

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