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Running Journey to North Face 50

194 days to go and yes I’m counting.

I am self-motivated, driven and disciplined but even I need to be held accountable to something, anything that will help me drag my butt out of bed every morning at 4:45am to get as much work, life and training packed in as I can.

Accountability itself is a very interesting concept because it can come from many different motivations and responsibilities.  My own goals of course (kicking off this week), accountability to my running coach who I wouldn’t dare say ‘I missed the session’ to, my partner and family.

I took an interest in running a few years back and have since done loads of half marathons and three full marathons. I am not a fast runner, my goal always to finish the race. But something happened earlier this year; I wanted to learn how to run, properly.  And I wanted a PB.  I wanted to be more efficient and feel as if I wasn’t dragging my feet. Not sure I am quite there yet but my running coach has certainly helped improve my running in so many ways and I have a new PB!

I have it asked quite often “why do you run” or in the case of my partner ‘we have three perfectly good cars in the driveway, what’s wrong with using them?’ ha! Funny man! But yes, there certainly are days that I want to take all my commitments back and live in ignorance.  Short lived though; we all have bad days, bad runs and a lack of motivation.  For me that is the key – it’s about the ‘mental challenge’. Sure, physically its taxing but one of the most powerful forces you are constantly dealing with is that negative voice in your head seriously trying to convince you that you cannot do it. I’m going to beat it, one day, soon!

There are millions who go through their own journey and this is mine. I wanted to share my experiences if not only to keep a reminder of the running trials and tribulations I travel on my way to my very first ultra-marathon. The North Face 50 in May 2015.

So after all the talk about running, today’s training session was swimming 20 laps WTF? Forgot my snorkel (ha!), goggles fogged and was hit in the head a few times by passersby’s but it’s done! Oh yeah and $7 entry fee to use the pool. I’m showing my age here, but I recall it costing $1.20!

First week and I’m pumped……