6 Tips for Staying Fit in Winter

Don’t let your winter be an excuse for your fitness and healthy lifestyle take a backseat!

The curse of winter – Hand’s up all those that hibernate as soon as the cold months set in and its dark before we even leave work?

It’s so easy to slip into bad habits and skip the daily workout or walk in exchange for the comfort and warmth of our couch. I have the same thoughts regularly but what I try to do is remind myself, if I keep with the routine I will be a step ahead (and a few kilos less) than the rest of my friends, ready for spring when the layers come back off!

Winter is not an excuse to reduce your activity, nor to eat ‘comfort foods’, it simply means you need to be better prepared and maybe change some of your usual training around for the next couple of months.

Here are my tips for keeping to routine during the colder months:

1Move inside for your training! As a personal trainer I too struggle with standing out in the dark when it’s around 10deg in the early morning or evening. I do my clients and myself a favour by going indoors.

2Train in the morning…I know its cold, but, the light in the morning will be far more attractive then the dark when you get home. Start your day out well and you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day…yes please!

3Dress in layers – its cold yes! But we are not in the 15th Century – get out your beanies, gloves, long tights and jackets. The options out there are amazing – you just need to go shopping….hello!!

4Drag a friend with you – accountability – it works all the time, no one wants to send that message “I can’t make it”

5Join a gym – not ideal for everyone, but lets face it – you are paying for it, it’s a controlled temperature and its for a couple of months. Plenty of gyms do a pay as you go option now, no locking into contracts.

6When it comes to the absolute ‘can’t be bothered’ stage make your house furniture workout equipment:

  • Watching TV? Every ad do 20 squats bum to lounge
  • Cooking dinner? Use the bench top for your pushups. Body on a 45 angle, chest to bench – try 20 between the meat, veggies and then plating up
  • Have stairs – do step ups for 30secs on, 30secs off at least 10mins throughout the evening
  • Have kids? Turn on the wiggles or whatever they are into and dance for at least 3 songs! Amazing how that heart rate sky rockets


There really are no excuses!

If you are local to the Sutherland, NSW area I run group sessions indoors, personal training, buddy session as well as certified to provide food plans for weight loss.

Do you have any other ideas?

Amanda Clout

Amanda Clout

Personal Trainer at Health Kick Fitness
My qualifications: Master Trainer in Fitness (cert IV), Thump Boxing Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Les Mills Body Attack Instructor. Current First Aid and CPR.

Achievements: 3 Half Marathons - Blackmores and Sydney Morning Herald. Entry into ANB Fitness Model 2012.
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